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Unprecedented Systemic Financial Fraud

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH) is a remarkable and courageous woman. In this video, she expresses concern about the corruption and systemic fraud and how key government officials and agencies aided in its commission or its cover-up.

Marcy Kaptur: Financial Fraud

Quotes from the video

[2:14] Frankly, the Congress has shorted the FBI - some might say purposefully - of the resources they need to do the job.
[2:22] I have a bill... "The Financial Crisis Criminal Investigation Act" authorizing an additional 1,000 FBI agents aggressively investigate the kind of fraud that has destroyed the economic future of millions of our people and upset the global financial system.
[2:53] Why do you think these people aren't in jail? Frankly, this Congress has not taken it's responsibility seriously.
[3:15] In November, we got an inside look into the stunning misdeeds and, let's be blunt, outright thievery that occurred at MF Global in the days before it declared bankruptcy... As much as $1.2 billion could be missing from private customer accounts.
Officer, it is no longer about the economy. It is about honor, justice and human dignity.