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2011-10-14  Wired  U.S. Copyright Czar Cozied Up to Content Industry, E-Mails Show  view
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2011-06-14  Ritholtz  Wall StreetGovernment Revolving Door  view
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2011-01-24  Washington Examiner  How the revolving doors swing between special interests and government  view
2011-01-07  Zero Hedge  Obama Appoints Ultimate Wall Street Insiders to Top Posts ... Again  view
2010-09-24  Washington Post  The revolving door in one graph  view
2005-11-15  COC  A Matter of Trust, Revolving Door Working Group Proposes Aggressive Set of Lobbying and Ethics Reforms  view
2005-10-01  Issue Lab  A Matter Of Trust, How The Revolving Door Undermines Public Confidence In Government - And What To Do About It  view

2013-04-25  POLITICO  'This Town'- A Washington takedown  view
2013-04-02  Microwave News  Cell Phone Carriers FCC Cozy  view
2013-03-28  Red Ice Creations  Surprised- Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act  view
2013-03-13  Democracy Now!  Overturning Citizens United- Is a Constitutional Amendment the Best Path to Limit Dark Money.  view
2012-08-09  Reuters  US will not prosecute Goldman Sachs, employees for Abacus deal  view
2012-08-07  The Hollywood Reporter  Disney's Bob Iger Lobbies for Lower Corporate Taxes (Video)  view
2012-08-05  AP  Report- Countrywide won influence with discounts  view
2012-07-20  The Weekly Standard  NPR Uses Your Money ... to Ask Congress for More  view
2012-07-10  Common Dreams  Five Corporations Add Their Names to Growing List of Groups Dumping ALEC  view
2012-07-05  Truthout  ALEC Accused of Violating Its Tax-Exempt Status; Will the IRS Take Action.  view
2012-06-29  Ars Technica  South Carolina passes bill against municipal broadband  view
2012-06-29  Zero Hedge  Completing The Circle- Meet The US Ambassador To Germany  view
2012-06-15  AlterNet  The Daily Show Uncovers Corporate Conspiracy -- And a Big Revolving Door -- Behind Simplot's Water Contamination  view
2012-06-14  Mediaite  Jon Stewart Mocks Senate’s Kid-Glove Treatment Of JP Morgan Head Jamie Dimon  view
2012-06-14  The Washington Times  Feds use tax dollars to fund pet shampoo ad, reality show in India  view
2012-05-25  In These Times  A Rare Admission That Money Trumps Everything Else  view
2012-05-22  Libertarian News  US Government Prevents 70+ MPG Cars From Being Sold To Keep Tax Revenues High  view
2012-04-26  POLITICO  Poll- Feds' favorability at 15-year low  view
2012-04-13  US News  Nazis Get Their Own Lobbyist  view
2012-04-12  The Weekly Standard  Russian Oligarch Hires Army of D.C. Lobbyists  view
2012-04-03  Wired  Powerful Senators Demand Giant Spy Blimp  view
2012-04-02  Reuters  Obama takes a shot at Supreme Court over healthcare  view
2012-03-29  Fox Business  IRS Already Gearing Up for Health-Care Crackdown  view
2012-03-29  The Hill  Dems drop ban on foreign-company PACs from Disclose Act  view
2012-03-28  The New York Times  Where Are the Good-Government Republicans.  view
2012-03-25  Boston  Does financial aid make college more expensive.  view
2012-03-24  Bloomberg  U.S. Tax Breaks Valued at More Than $1 Trillion, WSJ Reports  view
2012-03-23  POLITICO  Memo contradicts Jon Corzine testimony  view
2012-03-18  Los Angeles Times  Federal contractors donate to 'super PAC' backing Romney  view
2012-03-16  Red Ice Creations  Monsanto's Government Ties  view
2012-03-14  The 2012 Scenario  Director of DARPA Departs Pentagon for Google, Further Reinforcing Government Ties  view
2012-03-11  Profitimes  How George Soros Ended Up With MF Global’s Client Money  view
2012-03-11  The American Dream  You Won't Believe How Corrupt, Lazy And Stinking Rich Our Congress Critters Have Become  view
2012-03-11  Clean Up Washington  A Matter of Trust  view
2012-03-11  Source Watch  Government-industry revolving door  view
2012-03-11  Wikipedia  Revolving door (politics)  view
2012-02-24  Smart Money  Why College Aid Makes College More Expensive  view
2012-02-16  MSNBC  Amish farmer targeted by FDA raids shuts down raw milk business  view
2012-02-10  Bloomberg  Fed Playing Favorites With Wall Street in Secretive Bond Deals Mortgages  view
2012-02-09  The White House  Antonio M. Perez  view
2012-02-08  Free Beacon  ‘I AM NOT A LOBBYIST,’ SAYS REGISTERED LOBBYIST  view
2012-01-31  Public Knowledge  Sneaking 3 Horrible Wireless Ideas into One Bill  view
2012-01-30  Examiner  Monsanto lobbyist uses power as FDA food czar to target Amish  view
2012-01-27  Los Angeles times  Viacom executives again among America's highest paid  view
2012-01-13  Wired  Rep. Smith Waters Down SOPA, DNS Redirects Out  view
2012-01-12  CNBC  MF Global May Not Be Able to Pay Clients Back Trustee  view
2012-01-10  Salon  The new WH Chief of Staff and Citigroup  view
2012-01-10  The Daily Caller  Obama’s third chief of staff, like first two, got rich on Wall Street  view
2012-01-10  The Hill  Obama picks immigration reform advocate to lead domestic policy  view
2012-01-09  The Weekly Standard  New Chief of Staff Former Hedge Fund Exec. at Citigroup, Made Money Off Mortgage Defaults  view
2012-01-08  Al Jazeera English  US elections- Funding unlimited  view
2011-12-30  The Washington Post  Federal funds flow to clean-energy firms with Obama administration ties  view
2011-12-29  SF Gate  Wall Street - a raw deal for the 100 percent  view
2011-12-27  The New York Times  Economic downturn took a detour at Capitol Hill  view
2011-12-20  Broadcasting & Cable  Waters Introduces FCC Reform Bill  view
2011-12-20  NY Mag  Hedge-Fund Titans Got Inside Political Tips  view
2011-12-19  Map Light  Sponsors of SOPA Act Pulled in 4 Times as Much in Contributions from Hollywood as from Silicon Valley  view
2011-12-19  The Huffington Post  The Defining Issue Not Government's Size, But Who It's For  view
2011-12-16  States Man  Dallas Fed chief- Biggest U.S. banks hold too much power  view
2011-12-15  The Consumerist  SEC Would Rather Fight Judge Than Try To Win A Real Victory Over Citigroup  view
2011-12-13  USA Today Travel  Some major U.S. hotels moving into Iraq  view
2011-12-12  The Washington Post  Ex-SEC official fined for taking job with alleged Ponzi schemer  view
2011-12-11  The Washington Blog  Nuclear Agencies Are Wholly Controlled By (and Serve) the Nuclear Industry … Just Like the Fed Is Owned By (and Serves) Its Member Banks  view
2011-12-08  Canadian  Big Business Winner of Harper-Obama Border Deal  view
2011-12-06  Wall Street Secret Government Outed  view
2011-12-01  The Washington Post  Bill to ban insider trading in Congress is suddenly popular  view
2011-11-30  Zero HEdge  Did The Fed Leak The European Bailout Decision On Monday Morning A Visual Exhibit  view
2011-11-29  BBC News  US Medal of Honor Marine Dakota Meyer sues BAE Systems  view
2011-11-29  Bloomberg BusinessWeek  How Paulson Gave Hedge Funds Advance Word of Fannie Rescue  view
2011-11-22  Real Current Events  Goldman Sachs in the Federal Government  view
2011-11-18  The Washington Post  Pay to play, brought to you by Washington  view
2011-11-17  Bloomberg  MF Global ‘Optimistic’ of Shareholder Consensus  view
2011-11-17  The Journal  US Congress rules that pizza is a vegetable  view
2011-11-15  SF Gate  Pelosi aide calls '60 Minutes' report a 'smear'  view
2011-11-14  Huffington Post  The Koch Brothers and MF Global - Friends to the End  view
2011-11-14  The Daily Beast  How Visa Courted Nancy Pelosi, Hoping to Forestall Swipe-Fee Changes  view
2011-11-13  Zero Hedge  Congressional Insider Trading Gone Wild  view
2011-11-13  CBS News  Congress, Trading stock on inside information.  view
2011-11-13  LA Times  Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal  view
2011-11-11  Reuters  Insight- Clients who fled MF Global face clawback risk  view
2011-11-10  Mercury News  Ex-Grand Canyon head, Coke talks ended bottle ban  view
2011-11-08  Zero Hedge  SEC To Investigate Trades Based On S&P Downgrade Inside Information  view
2011-11-03  Washington Post  MF Global ties awkward for Obama campaign  view
2011-10-31  Time Ideas  Judges Are for Sale — and Special Interests Are Buying  view
2011-10-31  The Hill  Second Energy Department-backed company goes bankrupt  view
2011-10-28  NY Times  Obama ‘Bundlers’ Have Ties to Lobbying  view
2011-10-25  The Daily Caller  Obama defies base, hires Wall Street lobbyist for re-election campaign  view
2011-10-19  Sanders Senate  GAO Finds Serious Conflicts at the Fed  view
2011-10-18  Alliance for Natural Health  No Surprise Here! “Tyranny of the Year” Judge Quits the Bench—to Work for Monsanto Law Firm  view
2011-09-20  Mercury News  Top Interior official heads to firm working for BP  view
2011-09-16  Assocoiated Press  Sallie Mae spent $530K lobbying in 2Q  view
2011-09-15  ZeroHedge  Another Popular Name Emerges In The Solyndra Scandal  view
2011-07-14  Salon  Lobbyists are overtaking Congress  view
2011-06-02  Zero Hedge  Moody's Leaked Again, Told Nancy Pelosi Will 'Probably Not' Downgrade US Weeks Ago; Did Her Multi-Millionaire Investor Husband Know Too.  view
2011-05-29  Zero Hedge  Why A Hedge Fund Comprised Of Junior Congressional Democrats Should Outperform The Market By 9%  view
2011-04-12  Reuters  Big banks are government-backed- Fed's Hoenig  view
2011-02-22  OpenSecrets Blog  American Solutions for Winning the Future- Republican Newt Gingrich's Mighty Political Committee  view
2011-01-24  CS Monitor  The heavy hand of nutrition czars  view
2011-01-06  Politico  Liberals scoff at Daley's new job  view
2010-11-23  USA TODAY  Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years  view
2010-11-02  Rolling Stone  The Crying Shame of John Boehner [Matt Taibbi]  view
2010-09-28  CATO  The Market for ‘Pull’ on Capitol Hill  view
2010-09-24  Marginal Revolution  The Value of Political Connections  view
2010-09-02  GMO Journal  Monsanto Lobbying On Pace To New Records In 2010  view
2010-05-11  Mail Online  'Vampire Squid' Goldman Sachs confesses it is being investigated for helping Greece hide its debts  view
2009-11-08  Reuters  Goldman Sachs boss says banks do 'God's work'  view
2009-10-16  Wall Street Journal  SEC Taps Goldman Executive for Enforcement Role  view
2009-09-13  Washington Post  Revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms, study shows  view
2009-06-08  SF Gate  Love or lust, Obama and the fawning press need to get a room  view
2009-04-27  Big Hollywood Breitbart  From Fourth Estate to Fourth Branch of Government  view
2007-01-01  SF Gate  Pelosi's husband prefers a low profile  view
2005-08-xx  Duggan  The Distortionary Effects of Government Procurement  view