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2011-12-11  Washington's Blog  Nuclear Agencies Are Wholly Controlled By (and Serve) the Nuclear Industry … Just Like the Fed Is Owned By (and Serves) Its Member Banks  view
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2011-10-26  Pro Publica  Why the SEC Won’t Hunt Big Dogs  view
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2011-06-27  ProPublica  SEC Loosening of Rule Let Natural Gas Firms Recalculate Reserves, Potential Profits  view
2011-04-27  Rolling Stone  America’s Nuclear Nightmare  view
2010-09-16  The New America  The FDA- Neither Safe nor Effective  view

xxxx-xx-xx  Washington Post  SEC under Schapiro struggles to turn around amid political, financial head winds  view
2013-04-19  OpEdNews  Two scenes of terror, only one terrorism probe The Real Terrorists are Corporate Execs Who've Bought Regulators  view
2013-04-19  AP  Official toll a mystery, but residents know lost  view
2013-04-12  Counterpunch  How Obama Defanged the EPA  view
2013-04-11  The Hill  SEC accused of dawdling on JOBS Act enabling rules  view
2013-04-10  Deal Book  Court Expresses Antipathy for S.E.C. in Handling of Madoff Case  view
2012-10-30  Credit Union Times  NCUA Joins Independent Financial Regulators Opposing S. 3468  view
2012-10-28  Reuters  Top regulators warn on expanding president's powers  view
2012-09-05  Pro Publica  Ad Wars- The SEC Is Turning Hedge Funds Into the New Ginsu Knife  view
2012-08-08  The Washington Post  Are regulators doing enough to rein in bank money laundering.  view
2012-08-08  The Washington Times  IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants  view
2012-08-07  The New York Times  Corporate Fraud Cases Often Spare Individuals  view
2012-08-05  Zero Hedge  Libor May Be Manipulated, But Silver Is Not, CFTC To Conclude  view
2012-07-29  Truthout  Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety  view
2012-07-14  NY Times  F.D.A. Surveillance of Scientists Spread to Outside Critics  view
2012-06-13  Pro Publica  Incoming Regulator Promises No More Coddling of Banks  view
2012-06-07  Los Angeles Times  Regulator unaware of JPMorgan loss until weeks before disclosure  view
2012-05-10  The Washington Times  Environmental crusader Erin Brockovich slams ‘absent’ EPA  view
2012-02-03  New Media Explorer  FDA purposely hid aspartame dangers- open letter to the European Food Safety Authority  view
2012-01-3  Reuters  Industry has sway over food safety system- study  view
2012-01-10  Naked Capitalism  Bill Black More Proof of Obama Policy of Covering Up for Elite Financial Criminals  view
2012-01-09  SEC Changes 'Neither Admit nor Deny' Policy  view
2011-12-15  The Consumerist  SEC Would Rather Fight Judge Than Try To Win A Real Victory Over Citigroup  view
2011-12-09  Congressman Ed Markey  regulatory meltdown  view
2011-12-09  La Leva  European Food Safety Authority reviews Aspartame, misses important details  view
2011-12-07  Robert A. G. Monks  Government Capture – Two Ways it Affects Us All  view
2011-11-29  ENE News  2008_ Obama chief political strategist David Axelrod worked for Exelon, largest nuclear plant owner in US — NEI chairman is Obama donor  view
2011-11-28  Zero Hedge  Judge Rakoff Humiliates Mary Schapiro By Nullifying Citi MBS Settlement, Calls It Neither Fair, Nor Reasonable, Nor In Public Interest  view
2011-11-15  Reuters  Analysis- SEC targets low-level bankers, spares top execs  view
2011-10-31  Washington Post  Judge dismisses SEC charges against two former State Street executives  view
2011-10-28  Washington Post  Judge questions SEC settlement with Citigroup  view
2011-10-20  Pro Publica  Did Citi Get a Sweet Deal Bank Claims SEC Settlement on One CDO Clears It on All Others  view
2011-10-07  Washington Post  SEC under Schapiro struggles to turn around amid political, financial head winds  view
2011-10-04  Pro Publica  Secret Docs Show Foreclosure Watchdog Doesn’t Bark or Bite  view
2011-08-30  Bloomberg  Big Reason to Shut SEC, Start Over William D. Cohan  view
2011-08-01  NY Times  Revolving Door at S.E.C. Is Hurdle to Crisis Cleanup  view
2011-07-xx  FDA  Draft Guidance for Industry Dietary Supplements- New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues  view
2011-07-21  The New America  Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA  view
2011-07-05  Alliance for Natural Health  FDA’s New Sneak Attack on Supplements  view
2011-04-17  ADN  FDA claims no need to test Pacific fish for radioactivity  view
2011-04-14  The New York Times  In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures  view
2011-04-14  Forbes  Why Does FDA Tolerate More Radiation Than EPA_  view
2011-04-08  Washington's Blog  Japan's Nuclear Meltdown, the Economic meltdown, and the Gulf Oil Meltdown All Happened for the SAME REASON  view
2011-02-24  Naked Capitalism  Mortgage Fraud Whitewash- $20 Billion 'Get Out of Jail Free' Settlement Floated  view
2011-01-27  Gonzalo Lira  The Bling Men & Elephant -- The Totally Bullshit FCIC Commission Report and Dissents, Which Put All Together Actually Reveal Something  view
2011-01-26  AEI  Dissent from the Majority Report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission  view
2010-05-17  Wall Street on Parade  SEC Admits to Lacking Tools To Conduct Meaningful Investigations  view
2010-01-03  Reuters  Republicans may starve US financial reform of cash  view
2008-12-24  Washington Post  SEC Chair Defends His Restraint During Financial Crisis  view