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About This Website

This website is one of a number of websites that I have put up to promote awareness of our nation's problems and to encourage an open dialog among ordinary American citizens. These websites are a labor of love. They are entirely funded by personal earnings as an IT worker at an ordinary day job. The content discovery, compilation, organization and distribution of these materials are the results of over one thousand hours of my personal time.

I am grateful to my extended family and close friends who have encouraged me, provided me their finding and opinions and, most importantly, have provided feedback on my work.

David M. Walker, former comptroller of the United States once said that our nation's biggest deficit was a deficit of leadership. My effort here is my small part in shoring up a shelter in a seemingly unstoppable storm.

About Me

As a private citizens, there is little more that I would want to add to the opening paragraph of my open letter. I will only say that the last civics class I took was when I was in middle school back in the mid-1970s. Those who I've talked to say that civics isn't really taught any more. This concerns me and would explain a lot.

I hope this is helpful.

I would be very grateful for any comments, criticisms, insights and suggestions of avenues of investigation or research. Please feel free to email me. I will maintain the confidentiality of our communications to the legal extent possible.